Switching between main and reference tracks when plugin windows are open

I’ve just moved over to to version 12 from version 11,2.

I’m having an issue when toggling between main and reference tracks with key commands that it doesn’t work when I have multiple plugin windows open. The only way round this is that I have to click back on the main Wavelab window to make this work. This was never an issue in WaveLab 11.2. Could this be a bug?

It may depend on the shortcut and the plugins. When a plugin is the active window, the shortcut first goes to the plugins, and possibly reaches WaveLab afterward.

There is a little-known shortcut that allows you to activate the main window without clicking on it: see this.

I have just tested it, and it only works with Windows. However, you can make it work on Mac by changing the shortcut to simply F12. This shortcut is handy when you want to quickly set the focus back to WaveLab and away from the plugins. Of course, this shortcut does not work if WaveLab is not the front application.

Can you please show a video of this, PG?

A video of what?

Thanks for this.

same strange that it works fine in wavelab 11 not wavelab 12 without this key command

I perhaps do not read the original post or your response correctly. Reading this post, I’m left with the thought that there is a single command that can close all the open plugin GUIs and reveal only the Audio Editor.

If there is a command for this I would like to see a video showing this.

There is not such command.

Sadly this doesn’t work on Mac, even if I change the key command.

Did you try F12 ? It works for me on the Mac. That is, sets the focus to the WaveLab editor, and no longer to the plugin, hence you can now type WaveLab shortcuts that won’t be trapped by the plugins.

Yes my finding too with Ventura 13.6.7 (22G720)

regards S-EH

It works if I press fn (Function key) + command + F12
Mac Book AIR 2020 M1

regards S-EH

Yup. Doing this works for me. Thanks