Switching between mix console and project window issue


I searched for this in the forum but can’t find a similar post. Every time that I switch with F3 or with a Faderport from the project window to the mix console, the view jumps to the far left channels, independently of which channels I was working before. It is annoying, because after every switch I must scroll again to the right channel in the mix console. Is there maybe a configuration that I messed up?

The problem here is that F3 opens and closes the mix console window.
But you can set the mix console that it scrolls to the selected channel.

Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsoles

Thank you. I will investigate that next time I am at my studio computer and post what I get.

Right. I verified that. What is weird now is that if I turn the option off, now the switching jumps to the selected channel anyway ¿¿??. Anyway, I can work better now.