Switching Between Montages - Bug?


When I render my Montage by Multiple Sources > Regions > Tracks and select open as a new Audio Montage there appears to be a bug that is preventing me switching between the new and old montage.

When I select the new Montage the tab goes white (as normal) but the GUI is still displaying the old montage also the “Save As” is still showing the old Montage name.

If I close the Montage page and re-open it then switching between Montages start to work as expected.

Surely a bug or at least a system specific bug for me?

Wavelab 7.2.1
Windows 7 64bit

Any thoughts

Well, I don’t get that problem doing the same on a similar system. Not that that helps much, I fear. I tend to worry about video drivers when things like that happen.


Thanks Paul

Yep, I did think that, thus my closing sentence about the issue being system specific to me.

I think I’ll look into updating my video driver and see if that helps.
It’s not a show stopping issue, but it is annoying.


Among all the render methods, there is one case where a montage re-opens but is somehow non-visible (I don’t remember which case exactly). To solve the problem, you just have to close the tab and reopen the file. I don’t think this is a video driver problem.

Thanks PG

That’s good to know.