Switching between multiple VSTs


I’m a newcomer to Cubase. I am using Cubase together with my Roland A49 MIDI controller to mainly use VST plug-ins.

I’m struggleing with the following: How do I switch plug-ins using my MIDI controller?

I have inserted 2 VST plug-ins in Cubase AI

  1. Kontakt 5 (i.e. a choir)
  2. Engine (i.e. Soundscape)

My MIDI port is A and my MIDI Channel is 1.

Kontakt 5 (choir) player is armed. I have set both VST’s to MIDI channel 1. Now when I play the MIDI keyboard I can hear the Choir. When I arm the other track as well, I can hear both the choir as well as the soundscape. Great!

I would like to be able to press i.e. voice change button on my MIDI controller to play ONLY a choir and after pressing the button again, ONLY play the soundscape without having to manually arm and disarm a track in Cubase.

Who can help me?


Hi and welcome,

In general, you will use Generic Remote Device (Devices > Device Setup; or Studio > Studio Setup since Cubase 9.5). Here you can map any MIDI command (sent from your Roland) to a Cubase command.

By default settings, Cubase enable Record when the track is selected, and disable when is deselect. So your Commands will be: 1) Select Track Komtakt; 2) Select track Engine.

Thank you Martin for your answer.

I have tried several commands from controller to change programme but so far no luck.

The goal is stil to let my Roland switch with a button Between VST’s.

I have my Roland as MIDI in and output. My Midi is A and set on channel 1 for sound.

Am I RIGHT in doing it like this?

I am at VST quick Controls. Quick control 1 with MIDI status Programme change trigger, MIDI 1. (Learn box checked while pressing S1 button on my Roland)
Quick control 2 with MIDI status programme change trigger, midi 1. (Learn box checked while pressing S2 button on my Roland)
Pressing Apply and OK.

Right, going back to my loaded file which consists of 1 Engine track and 1 Kontakt track.

I see the inspector on the left.

What’s my next step? Or do I have to start of differently?



Use Generic Remote Device instead of Quick Controls.