Switching between Object Selection and Range Selection Automation Issue

Hi, after upgrading from Cubase 12.7 to 13 I noticed a change in the way Cubase behaves whenever I switch between the Object Selection and Range Selection Tools and it has been messing with my workflow whenever I want to edit automation


1- Write some automation on an audio or instrument channel

2- Show Automation for the channel that you just wrote the automation for

3- Press 2 on your keyboard to switch to the Range selection tool

4- Highlight the automation you just created and press Ctr/Cmd + D to duplicate the automation

5-Press 1 on your keyboard to switch back to the Object Selection tool

6-Here is the issue

In Cubase 12, Cubase would automatically Deselect the range that I had previously Duplicated and the mouse icon would go back to normal pointer, which means I can click anywhere on the automation I just duplicated in case I want to select an automation point and move it or draw more automation

In Cubase 13 however, Cubase keeps a selection highlighted and I have to click somewhere else in the project to Deselect the range that I just duplicated, I cant go straight to editing the points of the automation because the mouse icon does not go back to normal, the mouse stays in hand pointer symbol and If I want to edit/move any of those automation points, I actually have to click somewhere else in the project window to deselect the range that I had just duplicated and then I can edit my automation

Not sure if this is a bug or a new setting, but I would like it to behave the same way it was behaving on Cubase 12 any help would be much Appreciated

Thank you


This is a new feature.

Ok, I do not need or want this feature, its slowing my work flow and I went back to Cubase 12 because of this and other bugs

Is there a way to disable this feature or a fix for this?


This annoyed me a bit as well. My workaround was setting a deselect all shortcut to cmd x or something. Not ideal. But once you get going in 13, retune the workflow it is quite the beast compared to 12. I spent 2 days getting shortcuts ready before I even started making music that finally made me stop punching the wall.


No, there is no way, how to switch this off.