Switching between part and full

Hi! When working with eg. cues and going between part and full I’d like

  • The view to be vertically including the instrument I’m coming from (when going to full score)
  • An easier way to get consistent gallery in full (if that was the last used view)


If you have a big-enough display, you could split the working area horizontally and have the score to the left and the part to the right, for example.
The two views are dynamic and can have different zooming levels, be one in page view and the other in galley, etc…

If you’re not already doing this: Select something in that instrument and hit W to switch between score and part. The selection will be kept in view.

This is what I do. But I don’t see it kept in view.

Yes, that could be better.

This may work more reliably if you select more material. It helps Dorico know what to center in the view. Plus, this only works reliably in Write Mode.

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