Switching between samples in a zone

Hi, I’m a beginner at this sound design stuff, so apologies if this is an obvious question.

I want to know, is there a way of flicking a switch on your instrument in the Macro builder and having it switch between samples in a zone?

I’ve got an instrument that plays 3 different guitar instrument samples at once (or individually if you solo / mute.)

So Zone 1 is the electric gtr, Zone 2 the bass and Zone 3 the acoustic.

What I’d like to achieve is have different chord samples loaded up and waiting in the guitar zones (1 & 2) and with a flick of a switch change the guitars from Major chord samples to minor chord samples. (If that’s possible, I’d also like to then go on to add 7th’s, 6ths, 5ths etc etc)

Is this even possible? I can’t find a way of switching between samples in a zone. I’m a complete novice at this stuff, so if the answer is code, I’m probably in even bigger trouble. :laughing: