Switching between Write and Engrave mode looses page

I was so overwhelmed by the new update but what has happened to scrolling?
When I go to page lets say 5 in write mode and (even if I select a note) then switch to engrave mode Dorico jumps to the beginning of the file page 1. Why that?


Will this get fixed before payed new version 3?

At this point no further release to Dorico 2.x is planned, but of course we would not rule out a further bug fix release if there is something significant enough to warrant it. This, on its own, is not.

I had this problem and I just found a workaround. I switched to a different layout in the Write and Engrave tabs (i.e. away from full score to a part) and then switched back to Full Score. Now if I select something in the full score in Write mode and click on “Engrave” I am placed in the exact same spot in the score in Engrave mode without going back to page 1. I am not exactly sure why this fixed it, but it did.

Thanks for the hint. I personally hit P for playback in order to get back to the selected area. Nevertheless quite disturbing this bug.


I’m not sure you understand, after I do that just once (switching from full score to something else and back again in both Write mode and Engrave mode) the problem is fixed and I can then move to a different part of the score in write mode and click “Engrave” and I am at the same spot automatically, and then I can move again to some other place and switch modes again and I am at the correct spot. Doing the procedure I suggested seems to fix the problem for the file, and it still works when closing the file and opening it up again. If you use P for playback to get to the selected area, the problem is that is something you have to do each time you want to switch modes, whereas now I just switch modes and am automatically in the correct place without having to do any extra steps.


unfortunately this doesn’t work here for me.
But thanks for the trial to help.
Very kind.