Switching between write and engrave mode loosing selected note

When will it get fixed that when switching between write and engrave mode in zoom level whole page (155% for me) the selected note stays in view? Same problem with setup mode selecting a flow switching back to write mode and the wrong flow is shown. It works with other zoom levels but not with the one I use most.
This is a very long standing bug and still very annoying at least for me.

Thanks for the update 3.1.1 and the fix of text increase and decrease.

If you’re able to work with the panels closed, you might find that this reduces the likelihood of the view moving when you switch mode. The problem is that when you use a “fit” zoom level, any change to the window geometry, such as switching between modes with panels of different widths, causes the zoom level to be recalculated.

Unfortunately it doesn’t really help closing panels.
When I use setup mode in order to try switching fast between flows I can’t close the panel below because I need it to select the flow I want to go to.
So I really hope there will come a solution before version 5.

ReRei ist right. Would it be possible to address this issue and the general issues of losing window zoom size and note selection when switching between modes in one of the upcoming updates? This would really be a substantial time saver…

What I would suggest you do is the following: after you have applied your chosen “fit…” zoom level, hit Alt+Z to bring up the custom zoom dialog, and just increase or decrease the zoom level shown there by 1%. That will keep the score visually the same size in the display, but it will no longer be a “fit…” zoom level that Dorico will try to update to match the current viewport geometry when you change modes or open/close panels.