Switching Computer Hard Drive

I have a PC and I want to copy all the files on my current hard drive (160 GB) and place them on a bigger hard drive (300 GB). I have Cubase LE4 and Elements 6. My brother is an IT professional and he believes this will not affect my Cubase software. Everything should work since I’m not switching computers. Is this true? I never moved Cubase to a new computer since I got it 5 years ago. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


This 160GB harddrive is currently your only harddrive?
I don’t think it’ll work if you simply copy all the files over. It’s safer to reinstall Cubase on the new harddrive. Your project files and recordings should be fine though, you can copy those wherever you want, as long as you paid some attention to where you saved your files.

You don’t state your OS (or I missed it), but things are bound to go wrong by simply copying all on C:\ to a new HD. I assume you use just one HD, but if you’re not on a laptop you better consider leaving C:\ as it is and adding the new HD for all project files and sample libraries.

Last year I went for an SSD as my C:\ drive, and from research most sources did recommend starting afresh and that’s what I did. It’s less work than you might think, but do prepare for it, and keep the old HD nearby for file transfer. When my SSD was up and running I installed Cubase with needed updates, then copied all user files from the old computer, and the first start looked like nothing had changed whatsoever!

You could also use a program like Acronis TrueImage to image that drive for transfer over to the new one. It’s probably the fastest way to get up and running with no changes to what already works for you.


Moving just data to another hard drive is not going to affect anything. Moving programs and OS is going to give you some headache if you are a newbie on this.
The safe route is indeed to only add the new HD and take your data, projects etc to that one and leave the programs where they are.

Thanks all!