Switching EW Wordbuilder to VEP wreaks havoc on pitch

I thought I’d be clever and switch my EW Symphonic Choir voices to VEP 7 for convenience, but I am second-guessing this decision.

  1. I had to change the Expression Maps for Alto and Bass to lower them an octave, which was not necessary when using EW instances directly in Dorico.
  2. The pitches in some voices are still off (by a 4th or 5th).
  3. I seem to have not only to reinstall the voices in VEP but also find the lyrics disappear after saving both Dorico and the VEP server file. (Realize this is not a Dorico problem, but perhaps some users have advice on this.)

I’m not sure including an excerpt of Dorico will be enough without some way to upload the VEP project, but for what it is worth…
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.0 MB)
geisenheimerExcerpt240516vst.dorico (3.9 MB)
ewWordBuilderChoir240516.zip (2.8 MB)

You need a different instance of VEP for every choir part. You currently have them all on one instance and different channels. That won’t work as Wordbuilder choirs need to use all the available channels as illustrated below

You can easily export your VEP project just through “save server project as” in case it’s necessary to look in more detail. I could also look to see if I have VEP Symphonic Choirs templates – most VEP ones are Hollywood Choirs, I think, so it might need a bit of research.

I have zipped up the VEP and added it to my former post, if you wan to look through that. When you say WordBuilder needs separate instances, do you mean separate instances within VEP or separate instances of VEP, which would really make that the same as not using VEP at all; so I guess you mean the former.

I’ll check that out later when I can sit back down at my computer. Thank you in advance.

Do I need to keep the Master Bus separate from the EW file? I checked back with @John_at_Steinberg 's Iconica implementation and noted he put the first instrument where the Master Bus showed up to feed output to channel 1/2.

Hi Derrek – Wordbuilder needs separate instances within a single VEP window as shown by four tabs across the top and you must create a separate VEP instance in Dorico for each SATB voice, otherwise it won’t work properly. I just set these instances to Master Bus/channel 1&2 and it works fine — I would not try to use different output channels unless you have a particular reason for so doing.

If you do that, you should find the text reads correctly and the notes are pitched correctly without any requirement to change anything in the EM for which you can just use the default, though I would recommend CC1 (tonal quality) primary, CC11 secondary dynamic (part volume) and adjust velocity manually if required.

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Many thanks.

Now if I can just get WordBuilder voices to stop mumbling and to sing out rather than sounding like an amorphous backup choir. There is probably a way. I just have not found it yet.

I take it you’re using the dynamic and not the soft patches? Completely stopping the mumbling may be beyond this library, though.

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Just bought Hollywood Choir (at 70% off) and will see if that is a little more dynamic.

I use Hollywood for most sacred music. It’s rather easier to programme with just women’s and men’s choirs and I do find it packs rather more of a punch. Will be interested to hear how you get on.