Switching font issues: mid-measure clef changes, piano brace etc

Hi Daniel,
Issues I stumbled across while switching font:

  • open the enclosed silly score.
  • switch to November2: see that the clef changes stick to Bravura.
  • switch to Petaluma, then back to November2: clef changes are in Petaluma as well as piano braces, and text items are clearly Petaluma-esque…

Is there anything I should do on November2 to prevent this or is it a pure Dorico issue?
Have a nice day,
Robertsilly score.dorico (460.6 KB)


I must admit I’m not 100% convinced things work as they should… and I’m kind of reluctant to switch music fonts now, because I’ve had to deal with some really strange mess and I cannot waste any time on this right now! So, really curious about this thread, I must say.

Everything is working within the current parameters, for what it’s worth.

Dorico only changes the text font when you switch to either Bravura (in which case it changes to Academico) or to Petaluma (in which case it changes to Petaluma Script). So if you change to Petaluma and then to another non-Bravura font, text will remain in Petaluma Script.

In the recently released SMuFL 1.4 standard, it is now possible to specify a preferred text font family in the font-specific metadata file. Dorico 3.5 does not currently support this new addition to the font-specific metadata file, but it will be supported in the next major version of the software. You may wish to include this in the meantime: Bravura’s latest version does, for example.

As for the clef changes, at the present time there is insufficient information in the font-specific metadata files to make it possible for Dorico to automatically switch to optional glyphs (i.e. those in the U+F400+ range in SMuFL) when switching font. When I’m ready to start work on SMuFL 1.5 (which won’t be in the immediate future as we’ve only just finished SMuFL 1.4 and there are several ongoing Steinberg projects to which my time is devoted at present), this will be one of the main things I will aim to sort out.

Hi Daniel
I would like to have the new version of Petaluma because the arrow in arpege down isn’t in the correct position.

At the moment, changing the clef change size in Engraving Options to 19/25ths will select the correct font.
Alternatively, you have to swap the glyph manually in the Music Symbols editor.

That’s a teaser! I suppose it’s what you were takling about in your blog… Can’t wait!


Daniel, thanks for the thorough details, and Benwiggy, thanks for your trick!

Some comments, though:
1- I issued a new build of November2 adding the (indeed) missing clef change glyphs, but it doesn’t seem to trigger the right font clef change anyway… In any case, my humble opinion is that default clef sizing should be based on the main clef’s glyph, and that using specific clef change glyphs (if available from the font’s map) should be an option (not the other way around…)
2)-You did not cover the issue regarding the piano braces…

And by the way, for anyone interested, November 2.3 (free maintenance release as always) will be released very soon once the above issue is clarified.


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Robert: Dorico can’t presently use the stylistic alternates from any font other than Bravura. So clef changes, large brackets, large noteheads, etc, etc will all be Bravura, for now.

So don’t worry about those things. My list of ‘things November needs’ is:
Square brackets for accidentals
+ and = for time sigs.
Lunga notehead.
Fingering and Fig bass numerals.
loco symbol
Arrows for time equations: EB62 and EB66, I think.
Down arpeggio arrow is UP!
Flags for “Very small note” with 8 flags.

Hi Ben,
For the clef changes (g, c, f) I used the standard SMuFl codepoints, no alternate, this is what makes me wonder…
For the braces, yes now I understand (because only the basic U+E000 and E001 are available in SmuFL at the moment…)

As far as November 2.3, you’ve been heard for most of it… :wink: