Switching fonts doesn't change all music items

I am working on a piece for a friend to self publish. I am giving him options as to which font he would like to use.

As seen in this video, when I switch to November2, the dynamics don’t change to the new font. It appears most of the music does, but not the dynamics.


Any thoughts?


I just did a check on another file, and the other file seems to work correctly. Just not the file in question.


Perhaps you’ve edited some of the dynamics in the Music Symbols dialog in the troublesome project?

I have not. I have never used the music symbols dialog before.


Dynamics have their own “Dynamics Music Font” Font Style, which is independent of the Music Font.

In other projects I have, if I switch fonts, the dynamics switch as well.


Then maybe you have manually overridden the dynamics music font style in this project so it is not automatically changed?

Yes, that’s exactly what Robby has done.

Robby, in Engrave mode choose Engrave > Font Styles, and select the ‘Dynamic Music Text Font’: you’ll see that the ‘Font family’ is overridden to choose Bravura explicitly. Switch off the override switch there.


I have no recollection fo doing that. It is fixed now.

Thanks for all the wonderful help!