Switching from Cubase to Nuendo !??

Hi all Nuendo users …

I am Cubase user for years , i only do music production without video, and i am thinking to swith from cubase to nuendo because i am tired to beta testing Cubase. I cant do that any more, I have a lot of issue and problems with C10.5 on Mojave

i always thought cubase users were beta testers for Nuendo release … is it true?

does it make sense for me to switch to nuendo because of stability ?

You may end up wishing you had the new features sooner. Nuendo is typically months behind. Even Nuendo has some bugs as well. I’m not sure it’s worth it. Just stay at a previous version of Cubase. If 10 worked fine, use that until 10.5 has the bugs worked out.

Nuendo is behind Cubase in some features, and then again Cubase is behind Nuendo in others. So it’s a leapfrogging kind of thing. Right now, Cubase 10.5 got some great new features that Nuendo will get in the Spring. However, Cubase just got some features in 10.5 that Nuendo had, such as video export. So it’s not really true that one is really ahead of the other. Just depends on what features you are looking at. And ultimately, Nuendo will get everything that Cubase has, but Cubase will NOT get everything that Nuendo has. So if you want the FULL COMPLETE Steinberg DAW feature set, then you go with Nuendo, which will eventually have everything. HOWEVER, having said that, the features that Cubase will NOT get are related to more advanced post production and game features so in that sense, it may not make any difference, and it may make more sense to stick with Cubase.

As for Cubase being the beta for Nuendo, I don’t think that’s true. It seems that way sometimes, but it’s the result of this leapfrogging situation. It’s really just with the NEW features when they are out of alignment. It can be said that Nuendo is the beta for Cubase on the NEW Nuendo-related features that Cubase just got, like video export, etc. So it depends on what you are looking at again.

In the end, you should just stick with the DAW that makes the most sense for YOU. If you don’t plan on using the more advanced post features of Nuendo, and you are ONLY doing music, then just stick with Cubase. And like @trmupstage just said, use 10 until the 10.5 bugs are worked out.

Yes, understand. I just activate trial 60 days, so i will try and see what is the best option for me

If your main reason is stability, then it’s the wrong decision in my opinion.