Switching from Elements to Artist

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I’ve been looking the comparison version and apart more Audio and Midi tracks, more effects and more virtual instruments (which for the last doesn’t attract me at all) I was wondering what was the real interest in switching from Elements to Artist taking into account the expensive price of it.

I’ve already noticed, and really disapointed, that the Overview Line option have been removed from Cubase Elements 8 to Elements 9! Is it available in Artist 9? (https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=250&t=108921)

Could you guys tell me the reasons why you choosed to switch from Elements to Artist

Thanks a lot for your comments


You have seen the comparison chart. Have you considered these additional functions/features? These alone would make it “worth it” for me.

Render in-place
Dedicated punch points
Full instrument expression control
MixConsole History

You’ll also have to purchase a USB eLicenser. That allows you to use your software on different computers (by plugging the eLicenser into the other computer). Of course you could do the same with your Elements version if you transfer the soft eLicense to a USB eLicense.


Have fun choosing :wink:

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Artist has 24 physical I/O ports available - Elements has 24.
Artist has up to 64 audio, 128 MIDI and 32 instrument tracks - Elements has 48 audio, 64 MIDI and 24 instrument tracks.
Artist has more VSTi’s slots than Elements.
Artist has MixConsole History, Elements doesn’t.
Artist has full-screen mode, Elements doesn’t.
Artist has sidechaining, Elements doesn’t.
Artist has 32 Group Channels, Elements has half that.
Artist Key and Drum editors and Chord Pads are enhanced in Artist - basic in Elements.
Artist has Track Versions and Full Instrument Expression control - Elements doesn’t.
Artist has more VSTi’s and Plug-ins than Elements.
Artist has full audio editing toolset, Elements only has basic.
Artist has Realtime time-stretching and pitch-shifting including zplane Elastique v3 algorithms - Elements can only do this for playback.
Artist supports Lanes and Comping and dedicated punch points - Elements has none of these.
Artist has Track Visibilities, Render-in-place and VST Transit - Elements doesn’t.

Apart from that, they are the same.

Ok, got it!

Thanks for the comments