Switching from local account to MS account, licensing question

Cubase 11

I currently run my Cubase PC on a local account (Win10 Pro, 2004) and all my software was installed under this local account. If I was to switch to my (existing) Microsoft account on this PC, would there be any problems with my Cubase eLicenser or other iLok’d software?

I use my MS account on other PCs, but not my music PC, but there are some features that would be handy.



your ilok and (hardware) elicencer will be fine - the licences will be unaffected by a user change - but IF some of your software was installed for a ‘specific’ user then it might cause some minor issues - if the worst comes to the worst then you can just reinstall anything that complains

TLDR: go for it.

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Cool, thanks Doc!