Switching from Logic to Cubase/Nuendo

My Mac is no longer updating and seeing as LogicPro is the ONLY reason I’m not on PC, I’ve decided not to spend the arm and a leg on upgrading my Mac systems. I have over a decade of Logic files however which is what is slowing me down from doing so.

My question: Is there a way to export my Logic file(s) and import them into Cubase (or Nuendo) without loosing presets and plugins? So far no one thinks there is an “easy” way to do this. Please help me prove them wrong???


No ‘easy’ export import - read up on these features in both platforms. For audio:

  1. print FX to tracks and export audio, then import (a screen grab of the ruler /arrange can he useful).
  2. AAF could be useful as well (though the milage can vary in my experience). Try a few tests first.
  3. export /import MIDI file(s) & even if blank, this ‘should’ pull across tempi, sigs, markers etc
    Also see (eg): Logic pro X to Cubase - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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I’m not a Logic user so can’t speak to this in detail. I don’t think there’s an easy way to do this. Cubase no longer supports 32 bit plug-ins, so you may find instruments and effects have been “blacklisted.”

I agree, If you can take some of the Logic projects all the way to Audio Tracks, those would import into Cubase with relative ease and accuracy. That may be your best strategy for handing off some of the material from Logic.

Perhaps others will have some good ideas. Good luck.

Stephen you can use all the 32bit plugins with jBridge, without any loss of quality whatsoever according to the programmer.
All my Pultec Pros, Dreamverb Reverbs, LA2As and 1176s from my UAD1 card work fine.

To the OP, can Logic export in OMF?

Thanks. Perhaps those will help the OP.

Logic X has been 64 bit only for years, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Having VST versions of the plugins ‘may’ be though, in some cases.