Switching from Mac to PC - Running past projects

I am about to buy a custom built PC to replace my Macbook Pro. It is a very exciting time in life, however I am afraid that my past projects which I created on Mac OS will have issues if I open them on Windows. For example plugin settings, automation, cubase preferences etc will be lost.

Years ago I switched from PC to Mac and I had a tonne of issues with past projects… Just wondering if anyone out there has switched from Mac to PC and would care to share their experience with existing/past projects?

Many thanks! :smiley:


The plug-ins loading might be an issue, if the plug-in is using different name (or ID) on Mac and Windows.

An Automation shouldn’t be an issue, once the plug-ins are loaded.

You can copy the Cubase preferences folder from Mac, and paste it to the correct place in Windows (%appdata% Steinberg/). Must rename the folder from Cubase 10 to Cubase 10_64. You can also make a profile on your Mac and import it to Windows Cubase.


Thanks for the response. So if a plugin is named the same thing on PC and Mac, for instance Pro-C.vst then it should be fine?

I gather I should be fine with old projects as long as I have the same plugins?



I would expect it’s more based on a ID than a name. But if there is the same ID, then I would expect it works.