Switching from one VST to another

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Let’s say I have a full orchestra score, set up to use NotePerformer.

I’d like to try out my Synchron-ized Special Edition to compare how it sounds with an actual example of my music.

Is there an easy way to just switch from one to the other? (ie: without having to redefine each instrument one by one)

You would have to set up a Playback Template for a full orchestra using suitable expression maps and endpoints for Synchron-ized SE. This needs to be done once. Thereafter you swap between the two by simply applying the other Playback Template.

(You can test how this would work in practice simply by swapping a project between NP and HSSE+HSO Templates, which already exist in the factory setup)

Fortunately, VSL already provides that. Assuming you installed the the installation from VSL, just go to the Play menu, choose Playback Template, and select the one for VSL SE. That’s all there is to it.


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I did eventually find what I was looking for.