Switching from PC to Mac

I have read that I can make the switch between PC to Mac by transferring the dongle to the Mac. However, I have the download version and not the disk version. How do I get Cubase 8 Pro program on my new iMac?
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Just… download it? You can find the link in your MySteinberg account.

Moving to Mac won’t solve all your problems, or make your work more “professional”. But I guess you have to spend the money and find that out for yourself :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

in the MySteinberg > Download, you can always find installer for both platforms. Same as all free updates are always available for both platforms. If you already downloaded the ISO image, you can use this ISO, which is an image of the installation disc, where you can find both - Windows and Mac - version. If you downloaded an EXE file, you have to download the new (Mac) one - dmg.

For older Steinberg product, there was always the ISO image.

Thank You Martin. I thought this was one of the possibilities. I was concerned about the number of downloads and/or type of platform allowed by my license. I will assume this won’t be a problem. Thanks again for your sincere reply.

Laurence, I spent almost 8 years in the UK (Suffolk) RAF Bentwaters. Loved it! Still have friends there. I’m glad to note the smiling smilie at the end of your post :wink:

Totally baffled . I want to switch from windows to an iMac but reading the system compatibility with the graphics card it says Graphics card with Directx 10. But when I go to the iMac info it says they don’t do Directx Any help. Please


Graphics card with DirectX 10 and WDDM 1.1 support > (Windows only)

No worries.