Switching from Windows/PC to Apple MacBook

I need an advice.
I always work on my Laptop with Windows.
Now it is Windows 10 x64, Intel I7, 16GB RAM, 640HDD, 15". and it starts to crash etc.
I want to switch to Macbook.
As my budget is not that high to buy a flagship Macbook I have to buy some from second hand.
I would like to know if buying for example:
MacBook Pro 15 (usually A1286) , i7, 16GB RAM, 15" , 256SSD,installed 10.11/10.12 OSX, but from 2011/2012 year is good idea. Sometime it has new battery or was in service etc…

The thing is that if I buy Windows I know more or less what hardware or specification I need to things I need work good enough.
About Apple’s devices I know nothing and don’t know what to expect about this specification.

I work with Cubase Elements 9.5 + Halion6. I also use sometimes Omnisphere or Stylus. I need it to be my live-performace device also…but only to play loops with click, so for stage I use only WAVs that I exported earlier.
I have Behringer U-Phoria UMC-404 audio interface and my Steinberg USB eLicenser so my computer must have 2 USB at least…

By the way…when I work at home I need to connect USB eLicenser, audio interface, USB Midi Keyboard controller and for example some wireless mouse (with a USB receiver). Can I use any USB Splitter/HUB in MacBook ?

So can anyone tell me if It is wise to buy such a MacBook? If it will work stable and fast enough?