Switching Grid sub-divisions - your tricks/shortcuts?

I’m doing my best to adjust to Cubase’s ways of handling snap, no-snap, grid sub-divisions, etc

I tend to leave grid snap on (since for some – but unfortately not all – things I can just use the cmd/cntrl modifer to temporarily switch snap off. I wish this worked for ALL scenarios, but unfortunately it’s handicapped the ones I use most often, figured)

Is there a way to flip snap on/off mid drag? I’m assuming not, the default J short cut is disabled during a drag operation

Now my real question:

For those of you who mapped your own keyboard short cuts to quickly switch between commonly used grid divisions (eg whole, 1/4, 1/16/th etc) – what keys did you choose? I’m struggling to think of something available that is a good ergonomic choice so I can work with minimal movement when programming or editing.

And what about grid quantize mode (ie Grid, Grid Relative, etc)?

Thanks for the input!

Yes, by holding down ctrl/cmd

I guess that’s subject to personal taste, but I use

alt/opt + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for whole, half, eighth, quarter, and 16th respectively.

I generally use Grid for moving notes around, and I use Events, Shuffle and Cursor frequently, depending on what I’m doing. The best way to learn for me was to try and fail.

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