Switching monitors in cubase on ur28m


I thought I could crack this by myself but I can’t so I ask for your help. I have searched and tried to read manuals etc but I just don’t get it.

Basically I have ur28m. To that I have 2 pairs of monitors connected to Outbut A and output B. I can change between the pairs by Pressing the A and B buttons on the ur28m.

But what i can’t get my head around is how I set it up in cubase.
I have setup 2 monitors in controlroom. 1 with mix 1 and one with mix 2 as an output.
If I choose the monitor with mix 1 as output I can hear the sound but it is still depending on if I have choosen A or B on the ur28m.
If i choose the monitor with mix 2 as output I get no sound. I can see that there is signal in cubase but still no sound in monitors.
Or well if i choose MIX 2 as source on the ur28m i get sound but i still need to switch monitors on the ur28m with the A and B button.

So question is. Can I setup in cubase so that if i choose monitor A in control room it plays through output A and if i choose monitor B it will play through output B.

Sorry for being a noob.

Sorry. Turned out that I really am a noob. I did not realize that you manuall0y select what mix you want for what output.

So basically I set

So i selected OUPUT (A/B/C) MODE SELECT to be Independent.
I press A on ur28m and secure that source is set to mix 1
Then i press B on ur28m and secure that source is set to mix 2.

Now i can switch between the monitors in control room. :slight_smile: