Switching mono to stereo [Achieved]

I think we’ll have to wait forever

you could probably try to create a macro, where you

  • copy the channel settings (routing+plugins)
  • insert a new audio stereo track
  • paste the channel settings (routing+plugins)
  • go 1 up and delete the old track

Don’t know though if all of this is possible with native commands+PLE in cubase directly.
But I’d give it a try. Otherwhise if you’re using autohotkey, this should be easy to implement.

EDIT: Only downside (so far), is that possible sidechain links may break doing this.

You can yes.
But Cubase (and the developers/salespeople/decision-makers) rely too much on the principle of “you can create a macro” for things that should be directly integrated in simple, logical ways. This makes the ergonomics complicated, slow and far from modern (compared to other software).

I’m a developer myself, and while I like to be able to dig deep and customize/automate certain behaviors, I also know that users have a need for simplicity, and speed. Especially when it’s software that’s intended for professional use, and used to generate revenue for many users.

EDIT : (The macro system and the Logical Editor project are not yet complete enough to automate everything)

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Absolutely agree.

Agree again.
Unfortunately. But not having a certain feature built in is still worse than using autohotkey to do it.
But imho Autohotkey works quite well together with Cubase and by doing so I could fix and rearrange so many things, which were driving me nuts before, otherwhise I would have switched to Reaper most probably.

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Hi friends!

I have no desire to spoil the arrival or the new features in the upcoming Cubase 13, but based on my research, a certain piece of information caught my attention:

CHANNEL CONFIGURATION - Changez le type de canal de mono à stéréo ou vice versa en un seul clic.

Are we finally reaching the terms of our illustrious battle? :wink:

The future will certainly tell us very soon!

If it is implemented, don’t forget to remove your vote on this topic and feel free to apply it to another feature-request.