Switching mono to stereo

+1 for this.

Really annoying importing a bunch of audio files from a client and the mono clips are configured as mono tracks and then the audio is locked to that. Not being able to just click the button and switch up the configuration on the fly creates a hurdle in my workflow.
Logic and Studio One and Reaper don’t have this hurdle, it honestly makes me consider switching to one of those DAWs when doing mixing jobs for clients

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Steinberg, I think it’s time to do something :sweat_smile:

I second that. A feature to easily switch from mono to stereo and vice versa is much needed.

My guess is that it will most probably be added when the audio engine will be reworked (gapless audio engine). According to posts and feature request polls from official Steinberg representatives, it really is on top of the list.

…a long time ago in a galaxy far far away… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Exactly what we wanted many years later :laughing:

Lol, this really was working Cubase decades ago, but it does not now?

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Here we are two years after this original post and still Steinberg is just too busy to listen to what their customers want. This has still not be implemented but yet we have had a many other useless updates and graphic’s tweaks but nothing to speed up our workflow. Great job Steinberg !!

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Still waiting here… there was even a post older than mine (on the old forum) requesting this feature.

@Cubase Steinberg this is absurd HOW IS THIS NOT A SIMPLE BUTTON FIX wait until you’ve been sitting for hours mixing and you realize all the tracks you imported are locked in mono and NOW I have to create an FX chain preset for EVERY TRACK and drag and drop EVERY TRACK to a stereo track because I’m using stereo reverb on EVERY TRACK. THIS IS BASIC STUFF HOW IS THIS FEATURE STILL ABSENT AFTER YEARS AND YEARS OF USER REQUESTS? What a huge waste of time and we all know time is money. I think Steinberg owes everyone here for the time spent dragging and dropping clips from mono to stereo tracks. Time for a class action lawsuit.

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Hi and welcome to the community!


This thread will always make me laugh :sweat_smile:
(Steinberg THE community talks to you !)

Just having a think about how I would do this, if I had to deal with mono stems :slight_smile:
I think I might make a template with mono tracks with a paired FX tracks
I’d drop in the mono samples, and have a saved mixer state that hides all of the mono tracks

But I’m still not certain why using the combined pan isn’t the answer as KHS said.

I was watching a tutorial today and the instructor created a stereo track for every single mono track and copied them over. I thought that was the most ridiculous workflow and just knew there had to be an easier way, especially in Cubase!
Well, after researching here i am, sitting in the same boat as y’all. Get on this Steinberg, PLEASE.

I think we’ll have to wait forever

you could probably try to create a macro, where you

  • copy the channel settings (routing+plugins)
  • insert a new audio stereo track
  • paste the channel settings (routing+plugins)
  • go 1 up and delete the old track

Don’t know though if all of this is possible with native commands+PLE in cubase directly.
But I’d give it a try. Otherwhise if you’re using autohotkey, this should be easy to implement.

EDIT: Only downside (so far), is that possible sidechain links may break doing this.

You can yes.
But Cubase (and the developers/salespeople/decision-makers) rely too much on the principle of “you can create a macro” for things that should be directly integrated in simple, logical ways. This makes the ergonomics complicated, slow and far from modern (compared to other software).

I’m a developer myself, and while I like to be able to dig deep and customize/automate certain behaviors, I also know that users have a need for simplicity, and speed. Especially when it’s software that’s intended for professional use, and used to generate revenue for many users.

EDIT : (The macro system and the Logical Editor project are not yet complete enough to automate everything)

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Absolutely agree.

Agree again.
Unfortunately. But not having a certain feature built in is still worse than using autohotkey to do it.
But imho Autohotkey works quite well together with Cubase and by doing so I could fix and rearrange so many things, which were driving me nuts before, otherwhise I would have switched to Reaper most probably.

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Hi friends!

I have no desire to spoil the arrival or the new features in the upcoming Cubase 13, but based on my research, a certain piece of information caught my attention:

CHANNEL CONFIGURATION - Changez le type de canal de mono à stéréo ou vice versa en un seul clic.

Are we finally reaching the terms of our illustrious battle? :wink:

The future will certainly tell us very soon!

If it is implemented, don’t forget to remove your vote on this topic and feel free to apply it to another feature-request.

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