Switching off samples


what is the easiest way to switch off samples/zones/waves in a programm by code, so that they do not need any performance during playback?

I have 3 samples on each key, representing different levels of details in the produced sound.
To save some voices on performance side, I want to make the 2nd and 3d sample to be switched on and off by a button on the macro page.

Simply muting the samples still plays them, it has the same effect as putting the output buss to -infinity. I was hoping for something like SampleOSC.PlaybackMode = “OFF”

Is there any other parameter I could use for that purpose?

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Stefan,

Each layer has a parameter called LayerMidiMute. You could use this to “mute” all zones within a layer. You can also connect this parameter to a macro page button directly without any code unless you want a button that handles several layers at the same time.