Switching old product from e-licenser to steinberg licensing

Hello, I’m using old Cubase 5 LE and wanted to try GrooveAgent SE 5. But GA needs activated licencse via Activation Manager. Activation Manager meanwhile doesn’t see my license of Cubase, whitch is propably needed to run GA. My license of Cubase is on soft-elicenser. Is there any way to to switch license from elicenser to new system? Or how can I start GA with license from on elicenser?
Thank you,

You need to update to the newest version

Groove Agent SE 5 is only available in newer versions of Cubase, however you’re eligible to a free upgrade to Cubase LE 12, which will allow you to use this plug-in. Please follow these instructions:

Please, as I didn’t received any email with acces download code, I have contacted local distributor (czech), but with no response. Can you help me or give me any contact? Thank you very much.