switching operating systems

I am about to face a situation where I will need to track in a studio that uses a Mac, then overdubs and mixing in a studio with a PC. Will that work without issues? Will I be able to open a project file on a PC that was created with a Mac?

If not, surely I am not the only one to have faced this issue…possibly create an OMF instead?

Aloha s,

I do this all the time using .wav or (.aif for ProTools) and standard MIDI (.mid) files.

In both directions.

Yes it helps to know a bit about both OSes but since this will be your first time,
think of it like a rental car and take a lil time before driving off.

Everything you need to know to do the job is there; you just have to find it.

Because IMHO once you are IN the Cubase programme,
on both platforms it is pretty much the same.

Good Luck!

I have not used the OMF protocol so can’t help there.

Are you talking about both studios using Cubase, just different OSs, or is the tracking studio using a different DAW to record on?

The project files are completely platform independent. That said, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

You need to make sure that, if possible, the inputs and outputs (including their names) of the audio interfaces are set-up the same. Otherwise Cubase will tell you that it can’t connect the input/outputs.

You need to make sure that you have all VST/VSTi plug-ins used installed on both systems. Here’s where a project might become platform dependent; if a plug-in is only available on one of the platforms! If that is the case, simply avoid using that plug-in.

If you follow these “rules” you’ll have no problem moving you Project folder between the Mac and the PC.

I’ve got both Mavericks and Win7 DAWs running V7.5.2 and I can say that I’ve had no issues with moving projects either way between them.

Haha, more than I can say for trying to open my project in Artist V7, because suddenly I find that a new V7.5.2 project isn’t compatible with a V7.0.x installation - Grrr :frowning: Upgraders Beware.


I saw some reviews that led me to believe 7.5 was shaky. Hence my refusal to upgrade - it took about 6 months from the initial release for 7 to work near properly. Also my way of protesting Steinberg’s continual neglect of issues that bug me on a near daily basis - especially the external fX implementation that has for years required an unwieldy work around to avoid having to repeatedly reassign the i/o for external fx after opening up other projects that used those i/o. I’ve been asking about this for 5 years now.