Switching playback template changes output levels (but not mixer)

As I’m testing the new playback templates, I noticed something very strange… Please follow along:

  • I start with an empty score (created from “Concert band” template)
  • It uses the new Iconica Sketch template.
  • I select various staves, open the mixer, noodle around on my keyboard (no notes are being inserted)
  • Sounds are fine, I can hear everything. Mixer levels are set to about 0 dB everywhere (lanes and master), playback loudness indicator at the lane reaches about 2/3 up to the 0 level line.
  • I change to Noteperformer playback template.
  • Sounds are still fine, maybe a bit louder than before. Mixer levels still at 0 dB, loudness indicater reaches about 3/4 up.
  • I change back to the same Iconica Sketch template from before.
  • Now the audio output is barely audible. Even when hammering into the keys, the loudness indicator reaches only about 1/3 up.

This is totally reproducible, I just did it about 4 times in a row to verfiy that it’s not me that is getting deaf over time :wink:

My colleague Richard emailed me about your post this evening and he is able to reproduce this issue. I will look into it tomorrow and see if I can figure out what’s going wrong.

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We’ve looked at this a bit more today. I find that if at the end of your steps I start playback and then immediately stop it again, this resets the output level back to the correct value. In other words, I think it’s just a temporary issue. Do you see the same thing?

Hi, Richard!

You are right, levels will reset when you start playback.
BUT: Only if there are notes to be played.

At first I did everything I did before and started playback. But nothing changed. I had to enter notes into the score and start playback; only then would it reset levels.

But you are right: It’s only a temporary problem. I guess people will not sit in front of a totally empty score for too long :wink: