switching projects crashes always

Dear users and developers,

Dorico 3.0.10 crashes relatively frequently.
To restore bars from a previous project, I opened an earlier version of the project.
Opening the old project is ok.
However, switching to the newer version of the same project crashes Dorico again.

Has anyone experienced the crashes when switching projects?

We need the diagnostic reports so we can see what’s going on.

The diagnostic reports can be downloaded here:

Please refer to the following folders:

  • 20191123
  • 20191124

I also sent Ulf Stoermer the diagnostic report in the folder 20191123 via email.


All of the crash logs in your diagnostic reports are in the audio engine, so if you’re already in touch with Ulf about these issues, I suggest you continue your discussions with him directly. If you’re already dealing with the problem with a member of Steinberg staff individually it’s probably best to continue in the same conversation rather than also posting about it on the forum.

All crash logs look familiar and point to the known eLC issue. I already mailed instructions how to download the latest eLC.

Yes, I will do.

Dorico 3.0.10 is working better after having updated the eLC.
Sometimes, tapping works not correctly, but it works much better!

Thank you.