Switching the order of numbered parts

I don’t know how this happened, but my clarinets got swapped. If you look at my screenshot, the notes in the 2nd clarinet are higher than the 1st (and this is the case for my entire, long piece).

I tried to go back to Write mode and reorder the two parts, and I can indeed put the bottom stave above the top stave, but then the top stave reads clarinet 2 while the bottom stave reads clarinet 1. I can’t figure out how to renumber these.

What do I do? (This is a long involved piece so I want to do this very carefully and step-by-step to make sure I don’t mess anything up.)

Are you dragging the Players or are you dragging the Instruments between Players?

In Dorico 5, you can swap the order of those players in the Players list, and then choose Setup > Renumber Instruments, which will take care of this in just a couple of clicks.

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@dspreadbury I’m not in Dorico 5 yet, but is there a way to do this in Dorico 4?

I just tried dragging the individual instruments within the players, and I got the parts reordered, but now the numbers are wrong!

I understand that the new Renumber Instruments command would fix this, but is it fixable at all in Dorico 4? My numbers are now completely screwed up:

No, it’s only possible to fix in Dorico 4 via copying and pasting, which is error-prone.

You could send the project to me via a private message and I could fix it up in Dorico 5 and send it back to you.