Switching to cubase from cakewalk

I am a cakewalk user, considering aa move up to Cubase. does any one know if the work flow/interface is similar? I currently use a lot of midi and convert midi to audio within that DAW. I enter notes on a score using a mouse. weird but works for me. how hard iis the journey from cakewalk to Cubase. I am tired of slow response and freezes
in Cakewalk

Hello John,

I suggest to download a Cubase trial and have a look at it yourself.
As you have experience with Sonar, I think you’ll be up and running with Cubase in no time.
Some users do share bad experiences with Cubase as far as program stability is concerned.
I am convinced the vast majority of Cubase freezes/bugs/unexpected shut downs are due to Window issues ( I take it you use Windows as you are on Cakewalk now) rather than Cubase bugs.
There are a lot of tutorials out there on the Web, so enjoy!

sounds like a plan…apprehensive to switch after 20 years!

I remember Sonar from the time you could find ‘cracks’ on the internet, Then it became free software! ( but I turned to Cubase almost 6 years ago)

Cheers and I wish you happy moments with one of the best DAW out there!

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I made the switch maybe 5 years ago after >20 with Cakewalk. (Yeah I’m old.) Very happy with CB. There was a considerable learning curve for me, and I’m still learning. Suggest you try Sonar/Cakewalk Key Commands preset to aid your transition. I’ve used both a Streamdeck and iPad App (Metagrid Pro) to manage all the Key Commands. They make DAW life a lot easier. CB is much more stable than CW for me (Still on Win 10 but plan to go to Win 11 soon.)
Yes, CB crashes occasionally, but I’m able to consistently run large sessions with >100 tracks/VSTi’s that would render CW unusable.
Good luck!

I switched about the time that Cakewalk transitioned to Bandlab. I don’t have a recollection of all the details, but essentially the workflow can be the same. The terminology is a little different. But I don’t recall anything striking me as being conceptually very different.

I suspect the biggest change will be in the channel strips. SONAR had a very distinct GUI for their own VSTs and those from a few partners. That goes away, but Cubase has its own channel strip that is graphical and compact. If you depended on complex effects chains in SONAR, you will have to reinvent those to your liking in Cubase, but the tools are all there.

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