Switching to Windows 7 64bit from 10

Decided I’m going to switch to win 7, as I’m having major issues with 10 (lots of examples of this from users on this forum).

Anyone have any tips on how to make this as smooth as possible? Ie; How do i save all my fx chains, so I can reload them on a fresh install?

Any optimisation tips for 7 I should implement?

Spec will be:

Win 7 64 ultimate
Cubase 9.5 (latest update)
Intel I7 6700k
16 gig ram
250gig ssd (for cubase install)
1 tb hdd (for sample library, omnisphere, trillian, NI komplete)
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Any advice appreciated


i can only think of: congrats;) - 7 is great for audio.

  • I will stick with it until they rip it away from my cold dead hands (or similar:P )

→ go through the 2 cubase folders and save everything just to be sure (app data and documents folders)

good luck and godspeed!=)

Thanks. Is your win 7 machine connected to the net? Just want to get an idea of whether to keep it updated, etc. Ideally I’d like the machine to be online, but if it’s going to sacrifice stability I’ll keep it off. Stability is what I’m craving tbh!

My DAW is always offline unless I have to bite the bullet for a minute or two…

  • my daw has no games, no internet, no video software, no music (other than my own), no non-audio things at its ports (besides mouse n kb), no photos, no firewall, no antivirus, no cracks, no this no that.

It is a strict (audio) machine.

but that is my way… you will be fine… do what you think is what you need and if it works, it works. win7 is great for audio… troubleshoot later if neccesary…

Did this machine previously have Win 7 on it and working fine with Cubase? Just to make sure it’s Win 10 that is your issue…

Even if not, if at all possible keep a copy of your Win10 boot in case you find Win 7 even worse on the particular machine. Other than that is should be the same as moving to any new machine, just copy across the prefs files. I’ve never had an issue with this.

If at all possible and it’s a multi drive machine then keep everything the same.

I have both Win 10 and 7 machines and have no issues on either, some machines don’t seem to work well with Win 10 but others are just fine.

Both are connected to the net and kept updated (but also clean of crap) …again I’ve not had an issue caused by a Windows update (other than having to update and run maintenance on the eLicense software).

Thanks both.

No, this machine has only ever had win 10 - I’ve tried different things to get it stable, but hasn’t worked and it’s now worse than ever. Just want to try a win 7 setup to see if it’s any better. If not I’ll revert to Windows 10 in the vein hope later updates from MS and Steinberg smooth it out and In the mean time save for a mac

I would highly suggest you buy a new SSD, don’t erase the old Win OS, as you will 100% be wanting to look for old, small files that you forgot to backup.
Since I see you might not want to do this, alternatively use something like ‘Driveimage XML’ (backup software) to create a full ISO of your old system drive.
Then download the Win install ISO and install that way.

Good idea. If I buy a new SSD is it plug and play? Ie will I be able to swap them out and essentially switch between win 10 and 7, depending and which one is in the build?

It may depend on your BIOS but this is what I did when I first upgraded the system that now has Win 10 on it…I only ever switched back a couple of timed as I was quickly convinced that I was happy with the Win 10 installation but it was pretty simple. Alternatively there are quite a lot of Boot switching apps that can be installed (something I’ve done in the past).