Switching track using CC controls

Hi all
Hope you’re well and sorry if this is a silly question, I’m very new to midi and couldn’t find the answer elsewhere

I use cubase elements 11 on a tablet computer, with a korg nanokey midi keyboard

My problem is that i broke my tablet screen, so i now have to use a mouse now…doh!
I set up all my midi instruments in advance, so the only time i use my mouse is to switch midi track (to change to a different instrument)… Which could probably equally done with the up/down keys on a keyboard

But since my only controller (unless i have a mouse with me, which is a pain) is my korg nanokey 1 midi keyboard…which is able to send cc codes…id much rather use that

So i wondered if i could switch midi track using cc codes, which i can send from my midi keyboard ?
Or could i assign tracks to certain channels in advance, and then switch those via CC to change

Basically, i just want to switch track using midi controls rather than the computer…
And if that’s just up and down, that would be ok…because my screen is visible so id be able to see which track (instrument) I’ve selected

Hopefully that makes some sense, and if it’s not possible…perhaps there is another way?

Thanks for reading!!

Cubase 12 could - with midi remote.

Cubase 11 - hmm, a custom Generic Remote might do it.

Thanks for the quick reply!
Is that a software thing? Or are we talking hardware?

If hardware, i think i might as well continue using my mouse or just repair my touchscreen rather than adding something else to my setup

Generic remote is software within Cubase. Someone smarter than me might be able to explain it better. Maybe some youtube tutorials exist out there.

Thanks so much, looks like endless options so im sure i can work out something to suit my needs

Can’t believe I’ve never heard of such a tool, been using cubase for years

Really appreciate your help guys