Switching windows focus when using 2+ monitors

Hi all,

Is there a key command or macro that can be created to switch focus between open windows?

Say I want to switch from the midi editor window back to the main window without having to use the mouse. Or between mixer and editor, etc.


Well the standard Windows Alt+tab will switch between many windows but not all (thanks to the funky, not quite standard way Steinberg has implemented windows handling I’d guess). The key is that if you see a Tab in the Windows’ Taskbar for the window, then you can Alt+tab to get to it. The Project, Mixconsole & Key Editor windows all have tabs on the Taskbar. But some others like the Channel Settings or Logical Editor don’t have tabs and can’t be switched to.

Of course, totally overlooked the alt tab thing. Will check when I’m back at the studio computer.

Thanks rodger

Alt+tab doesn’t work to change focus between the mixconsole view and the main view.

Back to the drawing board, any ideas?

Odd, I just verified it does work on my system. :question:

Try Ctr+tab. :smiley:

The other KC that is helpful is Project>bring to front which will take wherever you are and focus the project page instead of tabbing through the views.