Switching Windows UI Issue

When I switch the windows using F3 it transitions smoothly but when I use workspace assigned commands it transitions very haotically… Also can you please increase the file size for the videos to 10mb on the forum almost every single time I get a popup that the file size is is too large.

I can’t understand what’s going on exactly. Is this a default workspace? Or a custom one? To me it looks as if the windows can’t “fit” inside the screen when the workspace is called, so they try to resize to full screen size, and then it’s the mixconsole that wins eventually and stays on top.

Yes, the windows resize for some reason. Does this not happen on your system when you use workspaces?

I haven’t used workspaces for a long time. I just have the mixconsole on the side screen, and work with the lower zone on the other, main screen for editors. But I can check it out when I get home.

I use Workspaces a bunch and never see anything like this (although it’s hard to tell what exactly is happening).

Have you tried rearranging the Windows the way you want and then re-saving the modified Workspace?

Haven’t tried it. I know when I have saved it it was full screen. Perhaps there was something in the background when I was saving workspace. I will try to resave it.

I have tried to resave the windows, but this did not work.