Switching Workspace in Control Window behaves weirdly

When switching workspace in Control Window something strange is going on as it usually does not succeed the first time. If I click “Workspace -> Layout -> PRESET” sometimes instead of directly switching to the desired preset the current workspace stays, the Workspace submenu stays open and item “Layout” is highlighted. In other words basically the PRESET needs to be clicked twice.
Am I the only one experiencing this?

I noticed it happens in Audio File workspace too.

I am experiencing this all over in WL8…

Mouse click issue?


This issue is not fixed in 8.0.3 and it IS very annoying as it affects many operations in WL8 :frowning:


Do you have the same effect in other menus? Do you have a special mouse, such a pen/tablet?

I can trace the behavior in future, nevertheless AFAIK it’s all related to workspaces - it definitely does happen also in Audio Files & Audio Montage Workspace submenus “Layout” and “Tab group presets”.
I use common 2-button mouse with a wheel.
And it does NOT happen in WL7…