Switching workspaces Bug + Midi device Import Bug

Dear Steinberg team,

Since Cubase 9 I noticed these 2 bugs which made me switching back to Cubase 8.5 (sadly):

1. Switching between workspaces after using the horizontal Zoom (“G” + “H”) in the Mixer panel of the new “lower zone” crashes Cubase every time.

  • the “crash- workspace” contain the “lower zone” Mixer on Monitor 1 and a second one (mixer 1 via F3) on my second monitor
  • switching to whatever additional workspace = CRASH
  • doing the same without zooming in lower zone mixer or with an “old” mixer as replacement = no crash

Tests with another PC and absolute “virgin” Cubase profile (freshly installed) shows the same behavior!

2. Importing a Midi- device (Midi device manager) doesn’t work anymore since Cubase 9.0

  • can still use the “Cubase pre- configured” existing Midi devices and export them, but import is not possible anymore!
  • still works in Cubase 8.x but not in Cubase 9.x

That’s a very very annoying bug. I can’t use my external sound modules anymore in Cubase! All Patch renaming, Midi- control surfaces are gone this way. That was sooooo much work…

Please fix these two bugs and let me use the new features in Cubase 9

Used systems for testing:
Windows 10 64 (up2date)
Cubase 9.10 (fresh user Cubase preferences in …/AppData/Steinberg/Cubase 9

With kind regards