SX3 bug, feature, or operator ignorance?

Process MIDI dialogue

I “dropped” in a MIDI keyboard part in the middle of a track … wasn’t at quite the right speed, so there’s a gap between the end of my “drop in” part and the rest of the track.

I thought maybe I could stretch the new part to fit by using the “Process MIDI” dialogue. I typed in the time I wanted to have the “drop in” part start (right where the rest of the track picked up, to get rid of the gap), and processed.

I believeit stretched out the new part just fine, but the problem was it pushed the the original part to the right, so the gap was still there!

Is there anyway to tell it to stretch out, but not adjust the part to the right?


Wanna run that first sentence by me again being more precise in your explanation? What’s “dropped, wrong speed and gap” mean, exactly.

Sure, thanks!

I misplayed a bit on my keyboard, so cut and deleted the offensive bit in the MIDI track, then I re-recorded it into the resulting gap, using “Punch In/Out”,

As it turns out, I played it a bit too fast when I re-recorded, so there was a little “gap” between the end of my re-recorded section and the rest of the original track.

THAT is the gap I was trying to make go way by using “Process MIDI” to stretch the re-recorded bit.

Thanks for your help, MM!

Record it again, that shouldn’t be considered an acceptable take. You could timestretch it or go into the key editor and manually line it all up but that should be a last resort if the talent has left the building or the like. Look to the different flavors of the Select Tool, if you insist.

Point well-taken Mashed Mitten, but this was really a question about the functionality of “Process MIDI”. Have you used it, do you know off-hand if I’m using it properly from my description?

Thanks -

Where are you getting process MIDI ? Like I said, investigate the different flavors of the Select tool to make the MIDI fit what’s there, or Warp Tabs to make what’s there fit the MIDI part. See, the problem is, where were you fast exactly. If even over the part then one of the two ways mentioned would suffice. But, if fast at the beginning and slow at the end, for example, would make the results junk. As it would fix one part but pooch the other which is why it’s best to manually tweak the part or re-record to get a usable result.

Away from the computer now, but it’s one of the drop down options. You put the part you want to process between the locators, then you tell it the new time you want it to end (or start), then it stretches it out (or shrinks it, I suppose) so that it fits into the “space” you designate.

Definitely! What I did worked just fine - it was just a tiny little gap - I just pulled the right side of the original track over to the left a nudge. If it had been a bigger issue I might have re-recorded as you so rightly suggested, or used the warp function, which I am learning to love on MIDI!! (my timing isn’t so hot without a live drummer, but I hate to play to a click track as there are a lot of slow downs/speed ups and pauses in my music).

You’d have to post a screenshot. I think what you’re doing is Process Bars.

Sure thing. If you have SX3, you can look for “Process MIDI”, maybe it’s a different name in the Cubase you’re working on. It can process across bars, though, you can process the segment between Time A to Time B, changing the start time or end time of the segment as you wish.

I thought it would be pretty handy, but as I mentioned in the initial post, it seems to affect the part of the track that’s not processed, as well (in my case, shifting everything to the right).

Unless I’m not using it right? … Anyone here use it who can help out also?

Thanks -

No screen shot here, Mashed Mitten - but it’s page 626 of the SX Ops manual - it’s actually called “Process Tempo”.

Why don’t you simply use the Select tool drop-down option “Sizing Applies Time Stretch”, and just drag the right edge of the Part?


Well, golly gee, I will - thanks!

So many things to know … I spent all wknd getting (re?)-acquainted with Warp tool on MIDI and it’s effect on the tempo track. Thanks for the pointer!

:blush: I missed that bit :slight_smile: