SX3 files in LE5?

I have been happily using Cubase SX3 for several years on my Mac G5. Unfortunately the G5 died and now I have a Mac Pro , which is good, but Cubase SX3 no longer runs well. It crashes all the time. I just got Cubase LE5 with a Zoom H4n I bought and hoped to be able use LE5 to finish working on some audio recordings started on SX3. However, LE5 can’t open the SX3 files. Anybody know why? The SX3 files are just ordinary stereo audio files, 3 or 4 channels, no midi or VST instruments. Is there anything I can do in SX3 to save the files in a format that will work with LE5, until I can get the upgrade to Cubase 6?

Because that´s the way it is.

Apart from importing the audio files and creating a new LE 5 project from scratch - no