Symbol-Editor: rest-position-problem

Dear developers and customers,

I’m one of those, who are happy to have the possibility of using the symbol-editor for a individual style/design (especially for the rests).

The problem is: By changing the rastrium-size my rests (from svg-files) unfortunately are not at the same position as before. Of course it isnt that problematic adjusting them new with the positioning-tool at the bottom-menue (Write mode) - if they are not dotted. But the dot (not part of the svg) will always be at its standard-position, and using the bottom-menue for moving the rest, the dot will move as well (and leave its correct place).

Is there any elegant solution, or do I have to adjust the rests in the symbol-editor for every rastrium-size new?

In my first post a year ago, I suggested to implement the opportunity to save editor-made changes as different presets. If there isnt another solution to the explained problem, personal presets would be pretty helpful.

Im running Dorico 2.2.

Thanks for your effort!

I suspect you will have more success if you can take your custom rest designs and put them into a custom font rather than using SVG files: you can then mimic the appropriate registration for each rest by matching the position of the rest symbol with the position of the corresponding rest in Bravura. You should then find that this works at any staff size.

Wow, even on saturdays…

Thank you! I’ll finally try now going that font-way.

Hello Daniel (and who else is/will be involved),

as you recommended, I tried it with building a font (see attachment), but it seems, that the problem is still the same. Maybe I did something wrong.
(For creating the font I used Birdfont; and curiously enough some letters did not work. The rests from whole/half down to 512 are now on the letters b, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, n (but not in the exact order).)
Sonata (4.65 KB)

Did you match the position of the rest glyphs in your font to the corresponding glyphs in Bravura?

I think so: When I put them on their position with the editor, I needed to make some adjustments, so that they were matching with the Bravura-rests. Checking it on the score, they are perfect with Rastral-Size 3. When I change the Rastral-Size, the rests in the editor stay, where I positioned them - with the same coordinates as well (but not in the score). Positioning the rest in the editor matching to a different Rastral-Size than 3 equals a different position comparing to a Bravura-rest. So it seems for me, that an external font (still) works independently.

The sizes of the rests in your font are too small. I suggest you copy and paste the Bravura rests into your font, then scale your own rest designs so that they are similar in size to the Bravura rests. Rests are particularly tricky to get right so you may need a bit of trial and error to ensure the terminal circles always sit correctly between the staff lines for all durations.

I tried it with the quarter-rest (it has now the exact size as the one from Bravura), and it doesnt work (see attachment). Maybe its because one still has to adjust the vertical position in the editor (downwards)…
Sonata (4.66 KB)

Yes, you will also need to match the vertical position of the symbol in the editor so that it is positioned around the Y origin in the same way as the default Bravura rest.