Symbols created in Dorico 4 don't look the same as in Dorico 3.5

I’ve created this symbol in a project initiated in Dorico 3.5 (or 3, I don’t remember)
Captura de ecrã 2022-05-21, às 16.23.03
This is how it looks in Dorico 4
Captura de ecrã 2022-05-21, às 16.19.14
I’ve several combinations of ties, and all of them are offset.
Here’s the example project that illustrates the problem. I’ve imported the lines and line annotations via the Library Manager into this new project.
Symbols bug.dorico (411.9 KB)

Yes, I’m afraid this is a bug, which we have fixed ahead of our next update. Sorry for the inconvenience. Details here:

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Thank you Daniel. I can wait for the update for this.

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Hello Daniel. Sorry to bother you again, but with the update 4.1 this problem persists, and it shows up in the project I’ve attached before. I can kind of fix it by compensating for Y values (from 1 to -12), but I’m afraid that a new update then breaks it again.

BTW, either in the Version History notes and the related post I see this is related to a graphics bug. I should say I haven’t imported any graphics at all. All of the components are from the Bravura font.


You’re right that this isn’t fixed, sorry about that. We will take another look and make sure it gets fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you Daniel! And thank you for the update, as always!