Symbols in Left Palette

OK, dumb question. What does it mean when both the Select and Note Input symbols are highlighted? You can’t enter notes when the pointer/select icon is highlighted, so what does this mean?

The arrow icon highlighted means “disable mouse input”, so that you can’t accidentally click notes onto the score. In other programs it’s a “select tool” but in Dorico it’s a mode that means “only select”, not input. (See Notes Toolbox.)

Thanks. Just seems that the select option should disable the note input. That’s what confuses me. I appreciate the link.

This also confused me as a new user. Perhaps being able to have both buttons down at the same time is to allow one to see the rhythmic grid and the voice of a note without the “danger” of changing the rhythm accidentally with a mouse click. One can of of course still change the pitch with the Select Tool since it overrides the Note Input tool when they are both activated and turns the Note Input tool off.

To be honest, even as a new user, I’ve rarely paid any attention to those icons!

The second icon just indicates whether Note Input is active (which I usually register by the grid and caret showing). If the first icon is lit as well, it means you can’t add notes by mouse clicking, which I never do.


Thanks. The design seems a bit quirky. When I need to edit a note I’ve already entered or pasted (e.g., add accidental, change duration), I do a lot of unnecessary clicking to get in the right mode. It seems a toggle between two modes would be easier.

What are you doing? I just click on the note, and add the accidental, either by chromatically raising the pitch with Alt-Shift Up / Down; or minus for a flat and = for sharp.

To change duration, just select the note and press the numerical duration you want; or use Alt-Shift Left / Right to change by the grid value.

No mode changing required!


Well, whatever I’m doing, ALT-SHIFT + UP/DOWN sounds a lot better. Thanks.

And actually, you don’t even need to use a keyboard command to move the note head up and down. After selecting the note, reselect it and hold it, and you will be able to move the note up and down with the mouse.

??? how?

Click and drag in Write mode was added in Dorico 5. Select a note or passage, then click and drag the first note in the selection up and down or left and right.

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Ah - Thank you. Still on D4 here!

You do have to have that option checked in Preferences though…maybe it’s the default. Can’t remember, but I have it turned off!

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