Symbols in Pop Up Text?


I have to create a digital version of a handwritten score. In this score tempo is written like q≈60 (q means quarter note).

So, is there a possibility to write tempo markings like this? If I paste the »equal to«-sign into the tempo pop up, Dorico doesn’t recognize q as quarter note and doesn’t play at 60bpm any more.

Is there a solution or do I have to make a workaround by replacing the tempo marking by an image of a tempo marking?

Thx in advance!


Use System Text (Shift-Alt/Opt-X) for your visual Tempo Mark, then use a regular Shift-T tempo mark and hide it from the properties panel.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Maybe I’m unable, but using shift-X or shift-alt-X doesn’t show q as a quarter note. Its still shown as »q≈60«, although I’m changing the font to Bravura or Petaluma.

You can do this natively: input your tempo mark “q=60” as normal. Then in the Properties panel, with the tempo mark selected, activate “Is approximate” in the Tempo group. To change the appearance of the approximate indication, go to Engrave>Engraving Options>Tempo>“Absolute tempo appearance” and pick the option with the curly equals sign. This applies to all approximate tempo marks in the project.

Sorry, I misunderstood - I thought you wanted an actual “q” rather than a quarter/crotchet note.

Thanks Lillie, thanks pianoleo!

Lillie, you gave me the hint. Thanks!
But this means: the curled equal sign now is for every tempo marking, there is no possibility to have curled and straight equal signs in different tempo markings but in the same score depending on the hand written original?

No, the Engraving Option only applies to tempo markings that have the “is approximate” property ticked. Regular q= Tempo marks will continue to show with the usual = sign.