Symphonic Choirs

EastWest customer service is not available and the training video is mainly all about Logic and the Mac. :frowning:
Is anyone on this forum successfully using Symphonic Choirs in Cubase 5.5.3? Also as a Plug in through Vienna Ensemble Pro? v. 5.9067. I can only get intermittent responses from the choir-say just a single chorus on one line using prebuilt phrases that come with word builder. :cry:

Yes, I’m using Symphonic Choirs both as the PLAY plugin in Cubase and through VEPro on 5.5.3. It runs perfectly after updating PLAY, Symphonic choirs and Vota. If I remember correctly the update was released just before xmas. All three had some issues that the update took care of. I do not know what you mean by “intermittent responses”. For wordbuilder you would use the multies and they only cover a part of the keyboard, so if you move up and down this would give you “intermittance”. If you however have sound on one key, repetition will give the same note but the phrases will move along - no intermittance. If I hit three keys within the range of the multi, it will play the phrase as a cord. If I run into a key without sound in a key progression, I just add another key in the same cord and using the volume (velocity) of each key to make a decent sounding cord. You could also do it more complicated and pitch correct the missing keys (after recording some keys, use internal summing to go from MIDI to Audio, and then pitching them). Melodyne does a great job here. Just record say a D and pitch it down to C with Melodyne.

It is no difference for me between PLAY as a plugin or through VEPro. However; I run Cubase (and Logic) in 32 bit to fully utilize the 32 bit plugins I have (bridges does not work properly on all pluggs). Thus I run into memory adressing problems on large projects. I then add VEPro and run large pluggs as PLAY or KONTAKT in 64 bit in my 32 bit project. That is in fact the only reason I bought VEPro. Another fine thing about VEPro is the possibility to connect another computer through cable or LAN, and even further expand the system capacity. I do very rearly run into those problems, but I do face problems with older VST windows pluggs that will not run my new Intel Mac. I then run them on an older PC slaved through VEPro. You can run Symphonic in that way too, but you need licence dongle on each of the computers where you operate the software.

If you experience drop outs on play back, try increasing the buffer on your sound card, or freeze VST instruments or use internal summing from MIDI to audio and delete the VST instrument or FX pluggs from the project.