Symphonic orchestra in Halion not present

After installation, Halion Symphonic Orchestra is not present as a instrument set in halion 6. Also “register VSTsound” option in halion doesn’t install any presets of HSO in Halion. Even the VST sounds in the “additional content” folder aren’t visible in the Halion file browser!

I can open HSO in Cubase as a plug-in , but I want to use the HSO vstsounds directly in Halion. (after all is called “Halion Symphonic Orchestra”.

Thank for any advice, as the official Steinberg “documentation” is not helping.

it’s crazy me it’s the opposite. I can no longer load the sounds in symphonic orchestra, iks e are more visible, but in halion symonic orchestra they are visible …
this is problematic if we reload old pieces of music composed a long time ago