Symphonic Orchestra low volume

I run it through Halion Sonic 1.5. Try only halion symphonic orchestra VST sounds. The volume is extremely low. I know these sounds are dynamic and not compressed but this is silly. I have to raise the volume 12 db in HS. Then use maximiser and volume rasie through Liquid mix. The Halion Sonic Factory sounds are good though. The Halion symphonic orchestra do not have many sounds too. like 49 strings. 9 brass. Not very impressed by it i must say.

Some HSO sounds are not like regular keyboard “patches”.
HALion Symphonic Orchestra presets volume level

Aha! The modulation Wheel. Thanks!
Forget about that not impressed. The quality is very good.

Old tread, I know. But I’ll try here first.

My problem is that I have to turn up the volume with jog wheel EVERY time I open the project, anyone know why this is so?
This irritating problem is as far as I know only in Symphony orchestra, both stand alone vst and through HALion 5.

If you just want to lock the preset to maximum volume, just send a MIDI CC 1 with a value of 127 at the start of the MIDI track feeding HSO (use e.g. the List Editor in Cubase to do that).

More detail about why this is here:
HALion Symphonic Orchestra presets volume level