Symphonic Orchestra Not Pre-Loading

Hello, Dorico forums!! :bulb:

Here’s my situation:
Upon opening a new project or player, if the instrument is a HaLion “Symphonic Orchestra” preset it does not load automatically.
So this means I must manually select every single instrument plug-in, which for larger orchestras is quite a waste of time.

Any presets loaded from the classic HaLion sound-bank loads just fine, however as stated before the Symphonic Orchestra does not load.

A possible reason may be that when I installed Dorico, I installed the base Dorico program first before I installed the Symphonic Orchestra and HaLion base files; because I already had HaLion.

So please!
If anyone in this forum or Daniel himself can help me I’d be forever grateful!
I am currently using Dorico as a Trial before I purchase and tutorial-training and constant preset-searching have already eaten away much of my 30-day trial…

What if you go to Play Mode and choose from the main menu Play > Apply Default Playback Template, does that load the sounds correctly?

If not, please stop Dorico and completely delete the VSTAudioEngine, resp. VSTAudioEngine_64 at following location:

Mac: /Users//Library/Preferences/VSTAudioEngine
Win: C:\Users<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine_64

Then start again and see if you still have that issue. Please report back.

Wow, never expected to get such a quick response…

“Apply Default Playback Template” didn’t work, but your second instruction did!!!

Thank you very much sir/ma’am!

-So, if you start Dorico before installing orchestral presets, then they do not register into the VSTAudioEngine.
Dorico re-scanned for VST’s once I deleted the VSTAudioEngine File and connected to Symphonic Orchestra.