Symphonic Orchestra only plays in solo mode

Hi Community, happy new year to Ya’ll.

I am trying to sort out a problem, I hope someone can help.

Opening an old project, I ran into a problem with an instance of Symphonic Orchestra.

When soloing the instrument, everything seems fine.

As soon as I unsolo it, the rest of the project plays fine, but the Symphonic Orchestra goes mute and seems dead.
Seems like there is no midi being read by it, since the virtual piano on the instrument itself, stops showing any activity.

I guess it is about some midi routing, but how lame is it that it works in solo, but not in the project in general?


I’ve sometimes encountered funky behavior with mute and solo in cubase generally, and I’m sure it happened with HSO. Sometimes it would help to use the project window toolbar’s “State Buttons” to un-mute all and un-solo all, then re-establish the mute and solo regime I thought I had. Another way to reset is to close the project and re-open it. I think there’s a bug lurking somewhere in there.