Symphony of Science

Something for you and your kids to learn from and enjoy!

Very well done… my fave is the “Children of Africa”.


Thank you for the link, NorthWood MediaWorks. I enjoyed the music and the videos greatly. The idea is fresh, original and every piece is very well accomplished. I can imagine how much work composing as well as editing video and audio went into every piece. My favorite is “Ode to the Brain”.

Yeah that’s amazing, thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, Robin!

Mauri :slight_smile: .

Yer all welcome… the real credit goes to Mrs. Northwood… she found that and sent it to me… but I had to pass it along, as its a real masterpiece of editing and innovation for that matter. And, if you have reluctant teenagers, it might be a way to spark some interest in science…

I got to admit, I like this example of autotuning better.

That’s some crazy stuff! Marginally educational… and an interesting alternative take on a serious sitaution! Remind me not to buy milk when visiting the US! :wink: :laughing:

I thought this was rather funny, although there isn’t all that much autotune here:

Buttery Bisket Bass. Thanks for pointing us to that one!

Delicious! :sunglasses: Could be biscuit base too… just sayin’. A little OT, but that’s science too. :wink: